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What is Real Chinese Food?

junio 16, 2018

So in this video we’re talking about the difference between eating at restaurants in the countryside or rural China versus in the cities now the nice thing about these rural restaurants is that you can actually wait let me do that again now there’s a massive difference between eating in these few slices because number one if you go to the cities you can actually find quite high-end and expensive food is that you can actually go back into the kitchens and take a look a soy girl McCready tiny saw and they get sides of my glaucoma and we all fight okay most of them will allow you now for instance we ate in a place yesterday and the kitchen was actually very nice it was very well organized and with much cleaner than what you usually see because you get to see some pretty nightmarish conditions and these kitchens out here in the rural countryside of China number two you’re not seeing what’s being cooks in the kitchens are being prepared you basically open a menu choose what you want to eat and you have variation from all over China anyway thing is you can go and take a look and decide for yourself if it’s the place you want to eat in there is a drawback to eating out here and that is that well number one you normally don’t have menus and if you do have menus there’ll be no pictures and it will only be in Chinese so you’re kind of forced to learn some Chinese way oh yeah go go into the kitchen and actually point at what you want now if you come to one of these kind of places like where we are now in the middle of random junk we province and getting run over by you like you don’t really have that much of a choice you’re going to eat their local food but this is chili de tousser so they say it’s a I remember number two all the ingredients are going to come from the wet market nearby which we just walk through actually and number three you can actually go back to the kitchen and see everything being prepared so it’s quite a special experience and it’s also a really good way to get sick something has to be said about the freshness of the ingredients we’ve just been through the sweat market you can see them killing the animals right here and of course all the fresh vegetables for sale these are the vegetables and the meat that are being used to cook in these rural restaurants however just because they’re fresh doesn’t mean they’re safe you have to understand that a lot of Chinese soil is polluted and a lot of vegetables being grown are actually Tainted so you know although it looks nice and fresh you should also be cautious to this and of course the animals that are raised here are raised in filthy conditions and said to the all sorts of weird garbage and chemicals and stuff but you have to be careful of that as well but you know it’s something you should try now unfortunately out here in the rule six there is nobody watching yeah nice very nicely no ticket there is nobody checking the hygiene and you know you don’t have like a an FDA or something that goes and checks the kitchens and gives them a score and says yes this is safe lovely yes you see and you have people sitting and Hawking everywhere let’s just say it is dirty in fact to say that it’s filthy is not an understatement here in rural China people don’t wash their hand it spit everywhere this animal blood and stuff on the streets here it’s basically just it’s not pleasant for people who are used to hide in a condition to say that and you can never guarantee that what you’re eating is clean or doesn’t have bacteria and that’s why a lot of the people I know who come here to China get food poisoning especially if they go street food they’ll go to these rural areas to eat food you know I myself have only ever had one problem with food poisoning and it was recently and strangely enough it wasn’t from eating Chinese food which meeting bad western food so come to China but be prepared have some kind of medicine with you that can help you treat diarrhea because there is no such thing as food hygiene in these rural areas now you come to these countryside places and we talk about food safety and you should probably bring medicine in case you have diarrhea or food poisoning but you can also get these conditions and illnesses from city restaurants as well even in first year city now that is due to a very very special Chinese characteristics and that is the concern for making money over safety now the chefs in some of these restaurants in the first year cities don’t really care about food standard safety either the food regulation system is usually bought you buy your tag you put it on the wall you get a happy face and then people think the restaurant is clean when in fact it’s probably not now it’s not ill-intentions here in the countryside people actually are trying to you know show you a good experience and delicious food and things like that ultimatum is it hello hello I know okay what’s the Megillah discussing what is what is technology so dynamic oh don’t do that ma’am I am a football that nobody saw what will happen again whoever say this using solar for meeting solar sister this is 3-way driba this yeah just an event okay it’s just that they’re used to that kind of food quality whereas your Western body may not be anyway I want to sum this up with the fact that I’ve had some of the best times in China in these kind of rural areas the people are super nice sometimes you don’t have to pay for meals to people invite you to their house to eat you get to try a bunch of really really cool things and you can actually see some of China retained you know that we’re kind of destroyed in some of the bigger cities yeah you’re fun swimmer uh-huh yeah 11 he thought he saw a woman’s 2d view like we’re in Lanie Matilda try holla holla yeah we’re going to any meals in the fact put your moment you can’t us please yes I will hunt you hey hey you can stop yeah like one night today sorry I don’t do a lot of the time we do a pretty good day back oh okay so then what over I don’t know yeah they got some really nice stuff in order really good if you can actually see it right here mmm aha okay this is a must could I to the Missoula honky I don’t know how it’s okay no problem no problem we’ll try it out like a strong trackers battle is done he’s this oil not bad yeah the more you eat the better it goes it’s super crispy it’s like prawn crackers so we’re gonna go see if we can get inside the kitchen oh yeah go get some echo shops do it hey so I go a little crazy tiny Sun they get size them with Altima we applied okay oh I’m guessing he was super fetching from the hood which is pretty nice kisses you can smell la del in your nose like the Achille crazy it’s very noisy it is this is one of those situations where we were talking about food standard quality right yeah and you don’t know in the cities but you come back here and they let you see and look at it it’s perfect yeah I don’t feel bad about anything I mean look they’re all flies and stuff yeah that’s that’s life yeah honestly my kitchen is dirtier than this yeah it’s not a decision really nice I’m happy I’m happy it’s very nice to me sit you guys are interested seeing where we came head over to here I don’t know if you guys will ever be this way but if you are coming like they keep the fish in this yeah mix them in area the last of it these are home in yonder Wow Winston stick this out so the disease to be honest accident this is really nice because you know this little restaurant of yes they have their garden right outside and all the vegetables that they’re cooking as you can see comes from their own garden I mean once again you don’t know there’s like a factory right there like right next to it so you don’t know what’s in the ground but at the same time it’s lovely impression it’s right here so you know that there’s a lot of chance at it it’s just way spoiled by that cement factory order right raquel america city energy hurry yeah yeah Lobos logo well I’m hungry let’s go eat loser yeah all in from is the landfill out there yes yeah it’s great much better display it yeah we know exactly so you see the I give this the time as well can be very complicated you know a we planted it ourselves so you can seen you can believe that just makes basically is what it’s all about there’s so many tricks isn’t so many books going on in China that their crops Gaza sure they get it look pretty what you going to get we’re cooking so it’s been tell us about the food that we administer stumble across was randomly actually it’s actually very nice these are some pretty staple items that you can find in and around here well in and around China really I know they say it’s good you have food or whatever but I’ve seen this everywhere in China we’ve got the bitter gourd with its kind of stuffed with pork and it’s really quite delicious but it’s an acquired taste because the gourd is actually really bitter you know due to its name something I really like is this kind of Chinese sausage which they slice up and fried very fatty but very sweet as well it’s kind of really cool with these green beans and peas sorry whatever no and absolutely delicious and then of course we’ve got the good old young tofu which is a tofu stuffed with meat as well so we’ve got a really good selection of food here I’m actually pretty happy with this you know this is all pretty foreigner friendly there’s no weird like I don’t know cows coming you know in personal letters or anything like I saw that in the back yeah I also did see some gross yeah when I need we didn’t order them this is a treat trust me you know I’m the bit of a food guy and some people send a heavy eater in any way when I go to these places honestly with citizen of the same problems as I do I get sick super easily I don’t know what happened at some point in my life or my career in China I lost my ability to eat food basically outside I just get tired and be poison all the time but when I go and keep places like this it’s super super clean and everything’s kind of raised in just by themselves and everything it’s really really good and the food here is absolutely excellent as when some was saying this is a bitter gourd but in America we call it bitter melon and also it’s incredibly bitter and I really do believe that it is an acquired taste as when I first came here I was shocked there was like eating battery acid or tomatoes why is this so bitter and I actually love it it’s really really good mr. Boyer honestly I hate how Americans prepare tofu throwing up sometimes and I’ll be like tonight we’re going to do healthy so I bought a brick of tofu she didn’t put sausage in it and fry it out now this is how you want to do it I’m not tasteless it’s not runny it’s super super kind of pillowy in the inside but and you notice that has a bite to it and it’s got a really really delicious piece of kind of salty pork sausage inside with a bunch of different spices as well awesome I love this kind of sausage because they’re really really proud of it those basically hang it up and with the air dry it and that sounds really gross and there’s a bit of an off taste to it every time I have it but it’s kind of Awesome it’s kind of stays really really good someone’s like how kimchi is also permitted really good stuff overall heating in roll trying to spend time are we about to stay awesome yes we’re about to sales okay let’s do this all right I mean Jesus also liked it okay I’ll take you [Music] we are dancing okay down down down go down he wants to be done okay