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What exactly is a low-carb diet.

enero 29, 2019

What exactly is a low-carb diet?

A low-carb diet reduces the number of carbohydrates in your diet, these are primarily found in sugary foods, pasta and bread, and eating more healthy fat. These are now commonly known as a keto diet or a slight variation which I have personally used called a low-carb, high-fat diet (LCHF).

For at least 40 years we have been told that fat is bad and can damage our long-term health. Consequently, low-fat food products (often disguised as diet products), often full of sugar have flooded supermarket shelves.

There is now much scientific evidence that proves this to be a major mistake, and which coincided with the start of the obesity epidemic.

Largely because I have been in a sedentary occupation all my life, I knew that a lot of weight had crept on particularly around my tummy ( as it does with many men) and I was registering as just obese. I had become concerned that this was not good for my long-term health and had read up on the many reports suggesting that obesity was now being referred to as “diabesity” and is not only an epidemic, in some circles it is considered to be a “pandemic”. Being overweight often leads to the start of Type 2 diabetes, which frightened me into really doing something about my problem. It also contributes to many other problems such as heart disease, Alzheimers and cancer.

I have struggled with losing weight for many years and in fairness used many different
“diets”, I have joined gyms, and done the grind on the treadmill, without any great success.

I had heard about the “keto” diet but having researched the various options available I decided on an LCHF diet which is, in fact, a keto diet but not quite so restrictive on the carbs.

I personally have used a low carb diet to lose 30lbs since the beginning of this year (that is 9 months). I have also lost 5 inches (nearly 13cms) around my waist, and I consider this to be the more important measure of improvement. I have also given up counting calories.

I did this by minimising my intake of sugars and starches, but still eating other delicious foods. By avoiding sugar and starches, my blood sugar stabilised and my levels of the fat-storing hormone insulin dropped. The effect of this was to increase fat burning and making me feel less hungry, thereby reducing my food intake and causing weight loss.

I feel so much better, I have more energy, sleep better at night, and have no intention of reverting to eating a less healthy content at mealtime, and I never feel hungry between meals.

My aim for this FB page and my website RealFoodForDiabetics is to provide the research to enable those who are already diabetic or prediabetic and their carers with as much information as possible to help them improve their health.

Whilst LCHF will always be my personal choice it won’t be for everyone so I will also provide researched information on Keto, Paleo, and Mediterranean diets as well.

One of my favourite books on this subject which has helped me enormously is:


This book includes Sample Menu’s for all the family, Shopping lists and a progress tracker