Tasting Chinese Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

What’s up everybody welcome back tomorrow boat to over safety safety I forgot I don’t have any safety oh well I’m here with Josh and we’re gonna do em a tasty way from Josh Taiwan so we got your Chinese yeah it’s in this Chinese I can read this so he’s gonna help me translate this and we’re going to both taste taste it and let you know what do you think are you excited for that yeah I give him a military marine he’ll know by hungry okay perfect listen I there you go with it yeah excuse that how you open this is just popping open whoa Oh smells like chemicals now smells like dog food hello okay now lay out and tell me what is each one again outside this fur it says military fast poo poo is how you translate food yeah instant food based off pretty much million to eat yeah is okay whoa look at these little pockets okay yeah I can’t read all that’s so funny you can yeah I can read them okay tell me each one what is each one means okay what’s this says this okay he says it’s like not dressed like it’s like some prat copula me says I compress uh kind of like a snack that’s why I say compress snack what is it man go does it say you know it is say oh yeah it does says in the back I’ll leave oil sugar eggs milk also it’s a compass with bunch of deer a bunch of different stuff okay what about the next one well they both the same ones st. Louis exacts okay what about this to your pocket that all that what is it okay so that’s in China is no row meaning that beef beep ooh I love it yeah this was this beef – no row okay what is that saying this says oh you say it in your language – unlucky at time means I spicy vegetable with some things look I saw some kinda gem it is spicy Oh spicy spicy vegetable Oh interesting and what is this ah this is a fast liquid oh I guess you put it in a water bottle with the we’ll do it later oh you have a point of water here it’s again yelling you know it’s about that you put it in a water powder and it’s because I kind of juice I would like to see how it tastes you want to try this first oh sure what what is this again it’s like it’s like I think I like like Oh Falcon crackers it’s a converse bug that bunch of me open my bubbly super super color yeah she’s not smell it smell it it smells good oh it’s a super lots of colors in it but look at it I wonder what it tastes like you’re in it to Taiwan sure it doesn’t like anything I like if I milk I just like cook cooking cooking but it it’s not too much sugar in addition it’s just a little bit so we have sugar le a bit sweet I feel like it me too maybe I’m hungry wha hmm okay let’s start something else oh now this is the same yeah yeah a lot of them okay let’s start beat me Oh mm mm oh no I wish supposed to cook this no it says it take it to you good yeah so it’s already cooked it’s already cooked oh my gosh whoa look at that oh I yeah I’ll do that why oh no I bet itself smell every smells good oh it’s like a big joke gimmick I have sausage you got sausage hmm no it’s actually like to spam you try your sausage that’s like the spam I like it mmm oh so good actually it tastes like Chinese food now what is this what is this says right here what is that is a salt beef sauce salt might be mixed with sauce and what this is oh yeah is that is beef hot dog hahaha here let me try the vicious war like beats us way bedroom this is expand spam is okay come on I want yours I can’t change anything mmm oh my god they’re so good Oh Jess I smoked you know what I bet what you do you put out you like now I’m not right at you hmm I’m not trying with a hot dog I like it a lot yeah is that really good with this but it all tastes like this it is content is super duper him was the best one so far I like German Analects finish one is German one and I like you know I like them all yeah all good a little like Russian one Russian one mm-hmm like this because I think I didn’t choose I think it just reminds me of childhood that’s why I like the Russian but so much food well I’m doing my zoo of eh a little day this is fun tiny idea but I would like to try the Russian one because I lose to live it mr. daughter aren’t you – let me Russia so maybe it tastes like my dog how long did you live in a store like two years war yeah company Blonsky hahahaha since you know what he said look at that what is this again – all right I love wisely just use the same no oh you’ll say oh I want Jordan okay so this one this one say spicy my vegetable and your this one uh-huh this one it says original my vegetable so this was spicy this was non spicy do like this possum um I want plays I’m hungry man yeah I actually taste good the actuators doing hmm I don’t even know what is this song I’m not open yeah my hands are so bad I use my – here you go here you go my heart hmm whoa what is this it looks weird most Muslims they don’t do is smell it Oh Oh what is this mmm is this some kind of a about what kind is good 100 say in English whoa this is so good they said there’s my usually a waiter beef now maybe that’s or has been here it would be is good oh yeah I should have mixed it I like they ate only leave hungry we’re gonna supposed to mix with the fever it’s very delectable tea omits in my stomach okay next we this spicy one wow this is really good oh you like that one and you like spicy yeah let’s try this one the spicy and the same one will just give me a little bit okay that’s a little bit ha ha ha I can’t believe it’s like in this little Vegas but it tastes so good right this is good I’ll always make more but spicy oh I’m thinking it’s all fake often gotta happen mm-hmm this is like cabbage my little guy yeah yeah yeah exactly hmm so good mmm Jim come with any porno I’m a firestarter you don’t have to heat it up you just need you to eat at any time I’m gonna go sell the cool I think I’m ready to go to the military wait till you try like different culture ones they are so good all of them no I was expecting why it tastes like nothing like nothing like what is good don’t you know yeah I’m surprised they still have a sausage for me yeah take my sausage in my hero there is a sausage either I like it so just giving this Chinese and my ear thumbs up from big two thumbs up so then we finished it we ate it all it’s of the carcass ground this liquid juice we’re gonna try this later when we good what up dear world so we actually don’t have the water in the office so we had to come out here so this one instant drink powder Oh what is this oh that smells so weird and it’s never smell it you don’t like it they have a spoon – smells like dogs poop No – yeah where’s this spoon yeah there so you see we got to mix it up and it will turn into some kind of lemony dink I think what you’re supposed to do it in a water bottle that’s easier okay quick taste test quick taste test okay he go I don’t know maybe I cooked it on tonight no it’s disgusting what is it supposed to taste like I don’t know I don’t like it but what did it say in a package juice instant ink yeah I don’t know it’s kind of cool it’s just different I just not used to that kind of I I’m Asian and I don’t like it but guys please subscribe to judge bowling vlogs – thank you so much for translating for us it’s actually helps a lot understanding what’s inside of it also you got a go ahead and subscribe to his channel because – he will be uploading soon we microwave like a dozen of eggs and it was such a fail you see this I burn right here yeah it was a fail wait till you see it in gone wrong yeah it will be on my channel so go subscribe to him links in the description thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time da svidaniya