Tap House is one of the best bits of Spanish food and we’ve got a whole platter for it for you today so we’re going to do a whole platter tap at about five different dishes you can pick and choose and do all of them of some of them but the ones we’re going to do is some tomato and paprika potatoes some bare stomach tomatoes goat cheese and pine nuts stuffed pepper then we’re gonna do some bruschetta with tomato and garlic and some paprika chicken skewers so each individual component is so simple but they do come together to make a fantastic platter so get started potatoes they’re going to take a long list so skin off if we can dice these into small dice and they do have to be really small J and then they can go into a bowl and then interest potato bits we need to add some tomato so we’ve got some tomato puree some pet pre-cut but the noises weren’t doing that is it it’s the best way it’s quite satisfying right and then a garlic clove if you can just chop that up plenty of salt and pepper and a good glug oil give those a quick mix up your hands so each bit is covered in that tomato smoked paprika and then place them into one half of our oven tray perfect beautiful now they need to go into the oven we’ve got the oven at about 200 degrees Celsius they need about 20 minutes in total so you can put those in there and we can move on to the next part yep which are our chicken skewers okay so one chicken breast if we cut these into bite-sized chunks like that so we can skewer them later if you can do that and put them into the same Bowl it’s just got fitted tomorrow we know that that’s fine is what we’re gonna to it are the flavorings you want for this chicken which is fennel seeds ground cumin paprika and tomato case very similar flavors to the last one the added fennel and cumin and guess what another clove of garlic yep so again you’ve got to have mucky hands to get in there and give those a quick stir make sure you get all that cumin and fennel coating all of those and I’m going to add a little squeeze of lemon to this one rather than oil and if we can skewer the chicken half onto each one so they can go in next to our potatoes they need 15 minutes so the takes we wouldn’t have a five minute head start they can go and join them in the oven and then we can look at the next bit of tap s which is about stomach Tomatoes so this is one of the easiest one of them all so got some cherry tomatoes and some balsamic vinegar we’re just going to pour those over there if you can strip up some time and just put that over the top and guess what lay the garlic garlic so let me ski this oak school you can eat this on it pretty much there looking nice to sprinkle those over a little bit more salt smartos need salt and then a strip of tin foil that’s just going to keep some juices Paulette and they need about ten minutes in our oven so potatoes 20 chicken 15 and now they go in for ten and I’m gonna make a goat’s cheese paste to go inside of our peppers so food processor going to go in there lovely bit of goat’s cheese some pine nuts some fresh parsley but of salt and pepper you can guess what Jay put a garlic so favored garlic since it’s almost like a pesto type ah more like a cheese mousse okay a little bit of oil just to loosen it up it’s got pine nuts in it’s the cheese Goya yeah beautiful now this is a fiddly bit so I’m gonna give it to you okay okay what we need to do is use that to stuff our Creole peppers and we just want to kind of ease them in there and kind of push it down inside okay okay you used a funny word before you set the word pepper the creo rather than a bell pepper we have round and we often use these are we just like a jar but you can buy the ball as well but that’s kind what we want okay so they’re full and then later on we can take slices or glaze what you’re left with is fantastic field hit the pepper it’s bit like a squeeze yeah it’s quite slippery yeah but while you mess around with that surround I’m going to do our final piece of tape as when we went to Barcelona we were giving this quite a lot red with just garlic oil and smarter pretty much grazie note summer pentamer exactly that we can do our own version plan to Mac and to make this is there’s a catalan word for it it’s either the pan Tamara Penta map and – Matt – Mac compact little bit of olive oil onto these bread slices and then into the oven to crisp up into fruits and then to spread onto our fruits when they come out and some are so mush and these are really soft right tomatoes I mean they literally just fall apart in your hands so just going to put a few of those in there if you cherry tomatoes as well a little bit of thyme and a garlic salt pepper and our lid blend up your pace and that’s it that’s all you want we can start to put it all together you got your piquillo peppers put them in there nice and neat grab our crusty bread from the oven usually warm golden toast and this tomato just sit on top and then the final hot bits as well so excuse and goes straight on as they are and scoop it use the little dish or so our potatoes go onto the plates carefully lift up on tomatoes as well there we go five very simple Taphouse dishes that come together to make the ultimate tap a splatter sort it I get the feeling you wanna have that’s what talent is all about I think what emerges on their own actually mm-hmm caring shell know we don’t need another one what put put on bed I’m Jamie thank you bought the red one you’re probably thinking where do I get more of these kind of recipes while I’ve got the answer for you salted food calm but we’d love to see you sharing your tap us photos on Facebook composter