Spanish Tapas

Hi everybody and welcome back to my kitchen my girlfriend since and we’ve been friends since the seventh grade so I was what 12 and she was 13 this is the same girlfriend that taught me how to make biscuits and it took her two years but I finally could make a good biscuit but anyway she went on a a weekend retreat with some of her other girlfriends that they that she worked with a lot of years and they spent Friday Saturday and Sunday together and she came back raving about this some appetizer but I guess you could serve it with a meal and I’m gonna make only half of the recipe so I’m not going to give you any amounts but you’re going to take some peppers it calls for colored peppers but if you don’t have you know if you just got green use them all right and you cut down through the top from the top to the bottom all right and then you’re going to clean out the the inside all of the ribs and you’re going to get the green stand part I’ve already done all the others and I’m just I saved this one for you all so get the get those white ribs out most of the seat and found this one all the seeds came out together now you’re going to take each half of your bell pepper now these have been washed and you’re going to cut it into thirds if you can get them equal great I didn’t get all mine equal but I don’t think it matters that much then if you see a little more of a stem down there cut it out and you’re going to lay these on face side up on a baking sheet and I put parchment paper down here’s my baking sheet so far you see it let him face up on that baking sheet all right I’m gonna pour this one and and then I’ll bring you back I’m going to core it and put it on the baking sheet all right I got all my peppers cut up and remember I told you this is a half a recipe now in my little mini chopper which is right there I chopped up some garlic and some green olives that weren’t supposed to be stuffed but mine were so there’s some red in there and some anchovies i ground you know I got it chopped to a you know a reasonable it’s not a paste it’s just chopped all right and then preheat before I go any further pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees now then I took some raisins and of course they were supposed to be golden raisins but I don’t had a big jar of dark raisins so it you know I’ve just used them I wasn’t going to run out and buy some golden raisins for this recipe when these would do just fine so in the raisins I put an amount of cream sherry and I let them come to a boil then I let him simmer for five minutes and took them off his heat and set him aside and I’m just adding that to my mixture let me move these out of the way for a minute Wolf’s a daisy I’ll use a bigger spoon here um I’m gonna add got it nearby which I don’t see it I’m gonna add a little bit of salt just a little I’m gonna add I’m gonna add a little bit of pepper I like pepper if y’all wondering why I added so much and then I’m my little own let me stir that in I’m the peppers that I cut I’m gonna sprinkle just a little bit of salt on each one just a little don’t go crazy with it remember what I told you about your oven when you preheat and your buzzer goes off to tell you that it’s ready it’s not ready wait 10 or 15 minutes is that coming out yeah wait 10 or 15 minutes beyond that point and then your oven will be preheated if it’s gauged right now this recipe called for saffron you know that stuff is expensive so I’m just leaving it out the recipe will be below so you know if you want to spend money on saffron or you keep it for some reason you go right ahead now it calls for I’m gonna get this out of the way again and I cheated I just want you to know I cheated I probably cheated throughout this whole recipe but some of these olives came out of this this hot diced Garden era and it’s got everything in it it’s got the peppers and cauliflower which doesn’t belong in the recipe some carrots olives so it’s not going to hurt a thing trust me so I added that and I and when I ground her pulsed all this in my little mini chopper that stuff went in too I just did it all except the raisins now it calls for some roughly chopped bread not not the outside of the bread just the inside and let me see what it says here it also calls for a tomato and I haven’t gotten to that yet but what I did I didn’t use a fresh tomato and this you know it’s probably better with all fresh ingredients but um you know I’m a person who substitutes and makes things easier so that’s you know that’s all up to you don’t use the crust I’ll put two of those in there you know then all I’m doing is just taking the inside of the bread out and leaving it in little chunks get it in there she was my friend her name is Barbara my good friend that we’ve been friends for such a long time she was so excited about this recipe and I had an Cho V paste in my refrigerator so I didn’t run out and buy anchovies in a 10 I just squirted the anchovy paste in in with my liquid that I post in my little mini Chomper all right now it calls for tomato well I I did not use a fresh tomato what I did was I took a and a fire-roasted tomatoes and I let them drain this is the third draining right here and I’m going to use part of that in here because making does not call for a whole tomato we’re going to take part of it and I’m going to put it right in there but I got it drained real good and then it calls for some good olive oil let’s start with that see how it does and I’m gonna mix all this together this is did I tell you what it’s coming it’s Carlos Spanish top a Spanish talkative get everything you know well mixed in here see if it needs any more think it does need a little more all right so now I’m gonna put this mixture don’t mix it up so much that you’ve own broken your bread all apart but I’m going to take here we are I’m gonna take about a tablespoon fall try not to get too much of one thing like the tomatoes whoops look what I did it doesn’t matter I’m gonna take about a tablespoon full of this now some of my little wedges are smaller and I you know I didn’t intend for it to be that way but that’s the way it came out so we’re just gonna go with it do you see what I’m doing each one of these is going to get about a tablespoon then I’m gonna put them in the oven in the middle rack and I’m gonna bake them for 35 to 40 minutes and rather than you have me watch watch me fill all these I’m just gonna let you go and I’ll bring back when they’re done well I left mine in the oven about 37 minutes 38 somewhere ran in there and they’re done I couldn’t tell you how good this kitchen smelled while they were cooking now tapas originated in Spain but the region of Spain is very undecided I mean you know everybody’s claiming up and there’s more than one recipe this is just the recipe that Barbara gave me and one I chose to use and they can be used as an appetizer or they can be used on top of things which is where the name tapas came from in bars they used to say sit them on top of your drink so you could eat the top and drink your wine or you can sit it on top do these place it on top of a Spanish meal make a a meal out of it so right now I’m gonna grab a couple for Sam and we’re going to let him taste them and give us his opinion well this is unique I’ve never had a top up never even heard of them but they sure do smell good and look good all these colorful peppers if that if that won’t wake up your taste buds nothing will that is super flavorful so many different flavors at once that I can hardly describe and you’ve even got up you got a crunch in there a little bit of sweet detail all raisins yeah sweet do you like it yeah yeah they’re delicious they really are excuse mr. or not that northern man would recommend everybody trying these they’re very different and very delicious yeah I could imagine I could see having these on top a big plate of spaghetti or something mm-hmm all right guys that’s our dish for today I hope you try it and I hope you like it it is delicious Barbara didn’t steer me wrong thank you for spending part of your day with me and please like and subscribe if you haven’t and until next time you all take care