Spanish Omelette Recipe – Tortilla Española

This recipe might have the most minuscule amount of ingredients possible to make it into a recipe but it’s the process that really makes it kheer making a very special dish our Spanish tortilla but in all seriousness potato onion oil and eggs Vasek what even the onion is controversial that you you have a point but I mean it’s very controversial should it be in a tortilla or not it’s in a tortilla but first I’m going to take five of these sort of medium sized potatoes peel them and slice them into slices about a quarter of a centimeter thick I like you only slicing into slices the idea of Spanish omelette is really interesting because the kind of omelette that we generally have in the UK is very much a French omelette which is eggs and then we flavor it with cheese ham mushrooms anything we want but in Spain you do not touch it you put loads of other things with it but you do never put anything in the torta my works in a restaurant several years back we used to do it with cookies or oil and Teresa was phenomenal but it’s not traditional cooking this process of drying out the potatoes will depend on which potatoes use and the time of year because different times a year different tastes have different water content but it’s just a kind of safety measure to make sure this next process works in great number two olive oil quite a lot of it into a pan and start to preheat over gentle gentle heat now it doesn’t matter if these potato slices overlap but just make sure they’re not stuck together when they go in the pan and then with a lid on they’re going to cook and steam for about ten minutes very gently you don’t give them any colour an occasion you want to turn them over in the meantime we’re going to peel and slice the controversial onion and then we’re going to crack eight eggs into a bowl and give them a generous pinch of salt and pepper eight eggs for this recipe but of course if you want all the weights and measurements of the potato as well check out some food now this is going to look like quite a lot of seasoning but eggs potato and onion are all relatively bland and tell you season them and they bring out their amazing flavour so be generous remember enough eight portions this is a really simple recipe if you just remember ten because after ten minutes of the potatoes cooking with a lid on in that oil next we add in the onions one onion five potatoes eight eggs then put the lid back on it needs another 10 minutes occasionally stirring it so they sweat and cook out after another ten minutes look now the potatoes and onions very nearly cooked at this point we going to drain off all the excess olive oil into a bowl but don’t lose it we will need that later on and then all the cooked potato and onion goes into our egg mixture as you stir it and then another ten minutes of that right back just resting and relaxing after those ten minutes the oil going back into the pan which we’ve cleaned out and make sure there’s nothing stuck to the bottom and then once that’s warm all of that egg mixture is going in what you want to do is arrange the potato and onions which all evenly mix put a lid back on then it cook very very gently another ten minutes magic Tenzing run another ten okay it’s been another ten minutes and this doesn’t happen very often but Ben is slightly rattled in the kitchen I’ve made tortilla loads of times but I tend to do the cheats way which is actually to finish it in the oven traditionally has to be done the stovetop so we have to flip it we want to do is make sure it’s all loose on the bottom scrub yourself a spatula and go around the edges and just make sure it is all nice and loose and if you would will the pan although it’s still running on top it’s not stuck okay I’m going to slide it onto a plate rattle is an understatement then we’re going to slide on a plate flip the pan up on top and flip ah that is the perfect coloring as well absolutely then tuck in those edges because you kind of want that rounded edge yeah as we know though it isn’t cooked on the other side it needs to be returned back to the heat for isn’t ten minutes five five minutes because we want it slightly runny in the middle still and there we go I don’t think it gets much more satisfying than that four simple ingredients transformed into that best let it cool down before we tuck in but it’s not Spanish tortilla tortilla española salty okay together is this traditional Spanish I doubt rude pretty close thanks Alicia he’s really good what’s that Holly look there’s not much a recipe to follow but if you want it you can find out what your food nice so negative there’s four ingredients and no we have two members Ted apart from the eight eggs the five to ten toes the 104th olive oil and the one our gym everything else