Spanish Chorizo & Potato Stew | Omar Allibhoy

Oh laughs foodtubers i’m omar ali boy I’m a Spanish chef and I’ve been cooking a Spanish food since I was a little boy it’s my first time in the channel and I’m going to be cooking for you but that does it relief oh allah Johanna which translated potatoes and chorizo stew you in your hostel it’s a spicy and warming one pot dish rich in color and full of flavor if you like the sound of this dish give it a thumbs up and let’s get cooking I have here my Terra coat on a low heat and with a good drizzle of olive oil thinly slice 5 garlic cloves now we are going to thinly sliced this couple of onions it may look like a lot of onion but this recipe is for six going to give it a good steer I’ve already chopped these two peppers which I’m going to add give it a good stir so that all comes together we’ll be looking at ten minutes so they are nice and soft I’m going to start chopping this beautiful semi couch aretha take this ugly skin off roughly chop it in like a 1 centimeter slices now I’m just going to chop this 2 tomatoes and just dice it you can grate it as well I mean it’s home cooking you could peel them as well if you want just make sure that while you are doing your preparation you keep an eye on the spot as you can get really really hot there is a say about this recipe in Spanish that says competitors chili free vino si and El Camino which translates as with chorizo potatoes and wine you will make your way through the day because it gives you a lot of energy you know it has all the protein of the chili for the calves on the potatoes and beta means from the tomatoes and peppers is what a full-on fully equipped dish this is how the perfect point to other chorizo I don’t want to add it too early because it’s semi dry and you can get a bit rubbery so we just need five minutes of it to melt unto Keef all that goodness into this tube one chilly dried chilli I’m not going to chop it I don’t want it to be too spicy that’s completely up to you and as well a couple of bay leaves we are going to stir this and cook it for five minutes you can start to see how everything is turning red can you see all that fat that’s the fat of the chorizo we don’t want it to be too long frying it will get quite rubbery so I think now it’s time a sweet payment on that is so finely grinded that it will burn very quickly so I need to add some liquid to it a generous teaspoon and the tomatoes straight away otherwise the sweet pimento will burn some people get confused about the differences between public and sweet payment on and many people thinks they are the same but they are not sweet pimenton is a smoked dried and publicize sun dried so one will have a very smoky flavor and others doesn’t and that’s the spice that is used for chorizo our staple Spanish ingredient and that way has so much taste and so much depth at this point I’m going to start chopping the potatoes okay and there is a particular technique to it that by the way but that does his potatoes and that’s the name of the dish so we are going to chop it by cracking it what you get by doing that as you can see there is a lot of a starch being released and that’s what we need for our stew we need it to have a lot of a starch into it so that it becomes very thick nice and thick and now a good stir before it burns this are they Spanish flag it looks like a Spain yellow red teretha peppers it tells a lot about where we come from actually this dish very rustic very homey this is the sort of food that we eat at home during winter during autumn so now it’s time to add a few fresh thyme leaves one sprig should be you know just a few drops of vinegar can be red wine vinegar sherry vinegar and about 2 litres of water approximately and a good pinch of salt this needs to come back to the boil and nice to slowly simmer for about 30 minutes or until all the potatoes are thoroughly cooked and they are starting to break all these corners that we’ve created are what they are going to make this reaches to you so thick and that’s what we are looking for they need to round and unbreak a slowly and just leave it here for 30 minutes slowly simmer in until it’s ready and after 30 minutes this is how it should look and this is how the potato should look the most important part of it broken corners this is not a liquid anymore it’s quite dense and it feels more like a richest you that when you cook pork cheeks and things with bone marrow in this case is a humble potato what has created it and now we are ready to serve and this is going to serve six people and make sure that everyone gets a bit of everything and this is ready a bit of lovely bread to go with it let’s give it a try mmm so hearty so warming as I said at the beginning so rich in flavor so much death because of the chorizo they pimenton it gives so much to it if you have never tried a Spanish food I think this is a great one to start with real authentic Spanish food at its best all done with ingredients you can find in your local supermarket so I hope you try it and give it a thumbs up and in the comment box below let me know which Spanish dishes you would like me to be cooking please subscribe is gratis and hasta pronto you