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Reheating Chinese Food Hack – How to reheat leftover Chinese Food in about 5 Minutes.

junio 16, 2018

Hi my name is Vince I want to show you how to make reheat Chinese food first thing is when you get eat your Chinese you come home that night don’t leave it in the fridge in this because what happens then is I just did this sort of example just turn into dehydrated rice okay you want to do a home throw it in a ziplock if you want although I start in here I do the main ingredients then I eat in here as long as the rice the rice is and better a little bit better shape so the next thing you want to do is turn on the oven throw a little water in here you’re going to need a little bit of water I measured it I don’t typically measure it you should throw about 1/2 cup of water in now this is your opportunity so you meet the meal they didn’t put enough chicken in air can put enough mushrooms in it for me cook them up cook up the mushrooms or the chicken first get that ready and mix this in okay so we’re gonna do that now wait for the grilled up yes okay we’re back I feel a bit of water and it helps me tell the temperature of the thing of the skillet the other thing is Wong Kong soup this is probably bestest done in the microwave anyways put the long tongs in here with a water make sure when you store it again you store it in a sealed container throw the microwave for maybe a minute to cover it I’ll cover it with another plate like this and I’ll put a little bit of low fat butter and usually I’ll cook it for two minutes let it heat up kind of look at it start and do it again that’s how you get the warm Fong foo and let that roll now so that this is pretty well so now what I’m going to do is use my moisture bailout portobello mushrooms that’s tough ever and I just spilled my water beautiful okay a little bit olive oil one now that all that water’s out of there a little wild one you stand up that’s nice in there and then throw the mushroom in there that I like whoa that’s one more I wanted but when you like mushroom cheese really know sings too many mushrooms just throw that around cook each one of the server metal at the brown just a little bit now remember you don’t want to cook it to us completely done because you’re going to throw you’re going to throw in the leftover food which is going to cook a little bit more you’re going to basically just warm it up when you throw it back on yourself cook that for couple net we’re back while we’re at a critical moment we’re at about 45 I was probably about a minute now I want to start just dishing in what I want to eat here so get it back it’s just for me so I’m not going to put a lot in keep using less of that use in there at the bottom there we go a little more than I would want to use my wife’s a little bit too so get it back here like this now you see it’s kind of fight you because it’s dry all that raises up get it to water so I didn’t use all that water you can see there put a lot of water but I tell you all now get all that rice mashed around there and and in the water what’s going to happen if the rice is going to suck all that water back up you put too much water and just boil down you will lose a little bit taste on that but it’s way better that way then – then it to be dry seal this back up I’m gonna cook what you need to don’t cook and cook and cook we cook the same food so try to cook just what you need so the next time you eat you’re not cooking something I can cook three times so roll up this boil for a couple of minutes no I do something it’s a little unusual for Chinese cuz I like a little bit so there you see probably that was like I said a little bit less than a half cup it probably would have been a quarter cup would have been fine here I’m having two boiled I’m pretty good the other thing I do is take the pieces of meat and chop that up to the smaller so I get more bites of chicken and guess I also can picture you and now you can see when one sits at it in look a little bit better just now it’s got what I like in it a big red pepper fan I like red peppers there’s a storm so I can also just cherry pick those out if I don’t want okay or give those to my wife she license so so now here does it crew similar see how it’s kind of drying you don’t want to cook it too much over here that’s a good spot right here boom pull it off whoops cheese are a little bit cheese in there so cap stir it in that’s it pull it off dish it up yeah that’s nice and warm there now I like to use a little bit of this low-fat butter put a little dab on the top of that it tastes as good as the day I put to me now and even tastes a little bit better because it’s got in it what I like it’s got mushrooms and a little bit of cheese that’s how you do it you