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Simple yet difficult lomo saltado – Peruvian Food

marzo 19, 2019

As we promised, we found another world cuisine This time, Peruvian cuisine! Check this out! Let’s go! Before we try out their food, we have owner of the restaurant Danny right here Could you tell us a little bit about the background and history of this restaurant? Since when it was opened, what type of food you’re serving? Sure, sure So, this place was already here It was just a Peruvian chicken place. We purchased it in January 2016. We came out… and I am the owner and chef. I have a partner, his name is Jorge, but unfortunately he couldn’t be with us today.

And I completely changed the entire menu, so the chicken recipe… we made it more authentic We changed it up a bit… and then we added a lot of the staple Peruvian dishes that you would enjoy in Peru. I learned how to cook from my mother. She learned from her mother. So a lot of the food you’re gonna taste today is handed down from generation to generation Yeah it’s like a family recipe pretty much pretty much… So what I like to do is really… I take passion in what I do I love to cook… People told me you’re a great cook You know, and I went for it! Jorge I knew for a while, so we kind of teamed up and started this business. It kind of shows in our food you know I like to really put my heart and effort in every dish you know that great staff back there, who really complements our mission. Yeah that’s awesome! We’re gonna check out how Lomo Saltado is made Come on back! So this is Johnny, he’s our head cook today.

He’s gonna show us how to make Lomo Saltado. This guy is better than me now! Fire is gonna go into the actual pan Okay Red onions Got a specific cut They’re all about the same size. Right. These are Aji de Amarillo, which is yellow chili pepper. Okay. These are imported from Peru. So after they cook the beef and all the seasoning they just pour the beauty and the sauce right on top of the french fries The rice… paired with stir-fried onions, tomatoes, cilantro and a little of garlic in the beginning and beef. I literally just got it from the chef Johnny what the owner said… I’m gonna quote directly from him He said, «This is simple, yet difficult.» It smells so fresh, of course it’s fresh I’m standing right here in the kitchen right now Let’s go over to the table sit down and try this beauty out! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try this… It’s so mouth-watering Mmm….

It’s incredible! So tender, so fresh And I can taste a little burnt The red onion is so crispy… it’s not overly cooked This is the perfect guys! Aji is a very commonly eaten or used spice in Peru. It’s a Peruvian chili pepper and they call it Aji. Let me put a little bit on my Lomo Saltado right here. And actually they use a little bit of the Aji pepper… Let me try this out… Look at how orange the sauce is Mmm… Oh it’s hot! Ohh.. Oh! It’s good though, I really like it! This is incredible! If you can eat spicy… highly recommended… this Aji sauce It’s amazing guys. This purple-looking drink, I thought it’s like grape juice… but no This is made of purple corn and pineapple…

Guess what there’s pineapple in this and some sugar, clove, and probably some cinnamon as well Let me take my first sip I can taste cinnamon… it’s like apple cider, but you don’t taste the apple, there’s definitely cinnamon in here I don’t really taste corn flavor in here, but pretty strong cinnamon flavor So if you like apple cider or cinnamon drink, this would be a really good drink to go with There is a little bowl of roasted corn right here, sort of as a side snack or an appetizer. I don’t think I’ve ever had corn that looks like peanuts. Mmm… So crispy! It almost tastes like peanut, it’s very crunchy It’s not very salty… I think it has sprinkles of salt on it Pretty good! This smells like heaven! The grill… and I can really smell the potato right there This is Anticucho, this is something I’ve never had before, it looks like a kabob, but guess what this is It’s not just beef or pork or chicken, it’s beef heart, cow’s heart, I don’t think I’ve ever had this and this gigantic yellow pieces over here on the right I thought it was garlic at first, but these are Peruvian corn.

Look at how big they are They look pretty chewy too. I can’t wait to try them! My comment first time trying cow heart… if you didn’t tell me, I’d think this is just beef and it’s so tender grilled just the right amount of time and seasoned just perfectly. I never thought that cow heart could taste good. I’m sorry if this disgusts you, but this is really good. Peruvian corn Mmm… it’s nice and sweet and chewy… Let me try the creamy spicy sauce on the side Right here

A little bit of that Oh I love the sauce Mmm. it’s sweet and creamy, and it is a little bit spicy It probably has a little bit of that yellow pepper that Peruvian Aji pepper in it. And I love how they put it together with potatoes and corn because if it got too spicy or too salty you can eat a little bit of the carb on the side sort of like rice on the side to sort of balance it out. This is really good guys. Mmm… Look at this gigantic thick piece of potato! Mmm… so soft, I love this potato. I think I’m gonna try this with a little bit of that creamy spicy sauce too Hey this sauce is so good guys. I think I can eat this sauce with other dishes too. The second drink we got here is the Inka Kola. Looks almost like a beer can, no alcohol at all. This is just a soda that is commonly drunk in Peru. It almost looks like Mountain Dew to me… Look at this yellow color it tastes like a combination of Sprite and Mountain Dew I’ve never tried this soda…

This is so good Inca Kola, it’s so good! This is called Peruvian bites and this is a specialty from the owner. You cannot find it in any other of the Peruvian restaurant He made it himself This is basically deep-fried wonton filled with shredded chicken and a homemade… He created his own mustard sauce made with aji Again, it’s yellow Peruvian chili pepper I’m gonna take my first bite Oh wow! The shredded chicken inside is also seasoned… I think probably with the same kind of sauce… It’s so soft and tender… the shredded chicken is almost like tuna, like canned tuna… the texture is like canned tuna… Mmm… This is really good! The Peruvian Bites’ an awesome appetizer! It’s like really easy to eat, like finger food and I love that creamy mustardy sauce and the wonton skin… maybe they made it themselves… but it’s perfectly fried and very nice and crispy goes very well with that mustard cream sauce One of the major reasons we came to Pio Pio is because of their famous ceviche! One of their highlight dishes…

A lot of people on Yelp said that they love it Very well made And it’s our first time trying ceviche too It’s basically raw fish usually cooked usually they use flounder… cooked with lime juice they don’t really cook it with heat it’s sort of as a marinade, but it doesn’t cook it with heat so it doesn’t take away the nutrients from the fish Let me take my first bite of the ceviche.

We are so exctied! It’s nice and cold! Wow! Mmm the flounder is very chewy… it has lots of lime juice just hits your tongue right away… right when you have your first bite… it feels very fresh… it’s nice and cold… It’s typically eaten on the beach, so a lot of people… sort of like a summer, beach type of food. I can see why… Nice Citrusy Cold Chewy You have to try out ceviche if you’ve never had raw fish This would be a good way to start. Another bite of ceviche with some raw red onions! He’s making Choros a la Chalaca, which is a very popular seafood dish.

So basically it’s steamed mussels. It’s an appetizer that is served with a… little spicy onion and corn sauce How can you have Peruvian food without Peruvian chicken right here. Since we ordered so much we got a quarter piece of freshly right-of-the- charcoal grill Peruvian chicken. Some people like my husband likes it really burned like he loves the dark and burnt side of it. Well I like the… not as brown and just lightly grilled parts but I’m gonna take my first bite without the sauce first See… look at this beauty right here… Oohh it’s so tender! This is so good, oh my gosh! It’s so tender… and it’s so flavorful even without dipping into any of the sauces By the way, Pio Pio, this restaurant’s logo has a chicken on it, that’s why their chicken is so good. This is really good, guys! I’ll have a little bit of skin too. Wow nice and chewy… very fresh, it’s slightly burned, very peppery, and not very salty. I love this. Now I’m gonna be adventurous and try a little bit of the green hot chili sauce.

Ooo… look at this… It’s almost like wasabi to me Oh it is kind of spicy… It really gives you a kick if you love spicy or hot food… But honestly, this chicken tastes it without any sauces. This is so perfectly seasoned. Look at this mountain deep fried seafood right here! It’s called Jalea, another commonly eaten Peruvian dish Look at this… look at this amount of seafood right here… There’s squid… like calamari, fish and probably shrimp… It’s covered with sliced onions, cilantros, Peruvian corn, and we squeezed some lime juice on it It’s served with tartar sauce, and underneath this mix of seafood There’s yuca… in the bottom sort of like french fries, but they’re yuca in the bottom. Take my first bite Let me try the first calamari together with the tartar sauce I like the batter… It’s really thick and peppery… Mmm… the calamari is very chewy This yuca is like french fries when you eat like fried chicken with french fries…

Yuca with fried seafood! Amazing! This is a mini shrimp! It’s so good! I can’t believe how much seafood is in this one dish Look at all these seafood… oh my gosh It was an amazing first time Peruvian cuisine experience! Oh I have to point out this huge menu. This was today’s special that we had, the mixed deep-fried seafood the Jaleo… if you see this next time, make sure you get this dish I also have to point out that some people and some some of the GPS…

You might not be able to find the location of this restaurant for some reason… Some people… it’ll take them to a Safeway, which is like across the street, but this restaurant actually like right across from the fire station and the post office so if it takes you to Safeway… it’s not a Safeway, it’s across from here so just wanted you to know. Make sure you check this place out. This is in Great Falls Virginia. If you went to Great Falls for a quick hiking or for a walk, this would be a great place to eat after your little exercise. Amazing food, Pio Pio Peruvian restaurant, very friendly, nice owner, and very nice staff, excellent customer service, highly recommended! If you enjoyed our video today, please don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button below, subscribe to our channel for more tastes of the world cuisine in the US! Until then, Stay happy! Eat yummy! I’m Naomi! See on the next video, bye!