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You guys Richard lennier thanks for stopping by my easy Cooking Channel tonight tonight I’m back to cooking oh that’s my Birds back so he sure is a noisy little fella tonight I’m going to be making a pasta dish but I’m not going to be making an Italian pasta dish I’m going to be making a Spanish inspired pasta dish with the flavors of Spain although the flavors of Spain and the flavors of Italy are very much in common okay Spanish pasta is can be made a little bit differently some different ingredients and sat we’re on some different kinds of cheese and anchovies and chorizo and it’s different it’s a Spanish inspired pasta somebody asked me to do it because I do a lot of Italian so somebody sitting under the Spanish pasta and that’s what I’m gonna do this week so as usual with YouTube let’s get done let’s make some Spanish pasta the first order of business is to brown up some Spanish Torito this year is so resourceful Swinscoe loose charissa okay it’s ground you put in a sausage casing but they did it okay it’s loose so it’s not like the more granular chorizo is that you might see in the plastic casing that you squeeze out to make with eggs this is made like like pork chop me it’s very dense okay it’s it’s ground-up sausage fire but loose so he still gets what it goes to Enzo okay I have to brown this up to the next step the three stones Brown good enough next step garlic now if any of you have ever had chorizo you know that Teresa has lots of spices but we’re gonna add some more this is garlic okay I am going to cook this garlic down until it softens up a little bit and gets fragrant with the chorizo and then I’m gonna move on to the next step which would be to add some onions and some other things the chorizo and the garlic are getting along famously it smells fantastic in here and the next thing we’re gonna add about half of a red onion fine dice you can do sliver I usually like to deliver okay but this is like a medium fine dice half a red okay you could use a regular white you could use white onion you can use any onion you want put a lot of Spanish cooking I think bread goes better especially Spanish inspired dishes of the Southwest of New Mexico where I used to live a lot of the Spanish dishes incorporated the red onion now I’m going to saute this combination until those onions are translucent and tender and then we can move on to the next step the onions and the garlic had softened up with the chorizo getting some browning going on and I’m going to put in one 28-ounce can of crushed tomatoes you can use canned plum tomato you can use marinara sauce you could use whatever you want okay but this is fresh bread so to mix in the flavors of the chorizo the garlic the onion can’t you just smell it I can’t mmm now if the sauce becomes too thick and I have a feeling it might mm-hmm and I’ll add some chicken stock to it to keep it running this is not gonna be a thick sauce it’s gonna be slightly loose now I’m gonna cook this for about three minutes or so get the tomatoes nice and warm through and we’ll move on to the next step all right the sauce has been cooking for about five minutes the tomatoes are warmed through and the next thing that goes in this is a combination of crushed oregano crushed rosemary crushed I’m crushed sage and a little bit of crushed tarragon okay they said it’s gonna be a lot of flavors going on here even though I’m not doing an Asian dish I like to look at all dishes as a matter of you mommy sweet salty savory hot pungent you know so there are a lot of levels of flavor going on in this sauce okay it’s gonna be it’s an easy recipe to make although the ingredients for the sauce can get quite complex okay with all these combinations all right now I’m gonna cook this for about a minute and let those dried crushed herbs get softened up and release their essence mmm oh yeah oh yeah then I’m just gonna add a little crushed red chili flake about a half a teaspoon but take off peperoncino an Italian but in Spanish they cook chili quebrado crushed chili crushed red chili just a little bit chili quebrado all right gives it just a little bit of warmth okay sauce looks like it might be getting a little too thick add a little bit of chicken stock just a couple of tablespoons by the time there we go that’s the consistency I want this isn’t a stick like glue kind of sauce it’s gonna be nice and loose there we go this is what I want okay now I’m gonna cook this for another minute or two and then we’re gonna move on to the next step the sauce has been simmering for another five minutes or so I have to add some chicken stock it was getting kind of thick this is about the consistency we want kinda like a Bolognese okay right about here okay this is where we want it now I’m gonna add another flavor layer these are Spanish men’s and the olives okay a cup maybe a cup and a half if you don’t want to use strictly the green you can use a half a cup of green and a half a cup of oil cured black but I wanted to go with the green okay and I’m gonna raise the heat up a little bit to bring it to a simmer a quick simmer because another layer of flavor is dried Spanish sherry 1/4 cup 1/4 cup I don’t want to raise the heat to a high simmer because we don’t want the alcohol we want the flavor the sherry so I have to cook off the alcohol on a high simmer continually stirring that’s gonna take about a minute or two and I’ll be right back just in case none of you have ever cooked with sherry it’s hard to explain but dry sherry dry white sherry excuse me gives us such a wonderful aromatic odor except it’s maybe licorice eh it’s hard to explain but it adds a flavor layer it’s just delicious now you’ll notice I have not added any salt or black pepper to this dish okay there’s a fine salt layer in cheresa at their political okay there’s a little bit of salt in the green Manzanilla olives even though I rinse them they’re still salt and another flavor layer another Spanish flavor layer that are going to add it has a salt layer and why I’m not adding table salt okay is about a teaspoon right here there we go about a teaspoon right there of anchovies in the tin that have been ground into the olive oil of the tip okay that’s a nice salt layer and a nice flavor layer this is why I haven’t added table salt or even sea salt to this dish there’s enough from the chorizo there’s enough from the olives and there’s enough from the anchovy in olive oil now I’m going to let this simmer for about 15 minutes and then we’re gonna move on to the next step it’s been about 10 minutes I said I’m gonna let this sauce simmer for 15 another flavor layer that I’m going to add well this is simmering one teaspoon of smoked paprika yeah just another aroma just another flavor and a multi-layered sauce all right now I’m going to stir this I’ve added more chicken stock to keep it loose because was getting kind of thick almost can okay not water stock not starch water from spaghetti stop okay water can get a little bit pedestrian stock is where the flavors and the thing is you could use chicken stock for this you could use vegetable stock you could have even used the seafood stock it doesn’t matter even a beef or a lamb stock it doesn’t matter okay I’m gonna let this simmer for 15 more I’ll be back finally the sauce has been simmering for 15 minutes and in goes some fire roasted red bell peppers okay there we go some fire-roasted Reds a little bit of sweetness okay now I’ve turned off the heat okay the sauce is hot enough what I’m doing now is I’m letting the flavors marry okay so there goes some fire-roasted red bells and last but not least when it comes to Spanish cooking saffron okay can you see those okay saffron Spanish saffron an amazing amazing spice herb okay there you go turn the heat off oh because I don’t want to burn that out I want the saffron and the peppers and the paprika and all the other flavor layers well it’s nice and steamy okay I want these flavors to marry so I’m gonna let this sit here for about 30 minutes let the flavors marry and then I’m gonna make some pasta and then I’m gonna plate up I’ll reheat the sauce and I’ll plate up just smells fantastic in here I don’t I let the sauce sit for about 30 minutes and cooled and as it cooled the flavors married okay now I’m bringing it back up to a simmer okay damn bringing it back up to a simmer there it goes okay there it goes a little bit higher there we go that’s what I want I’ve made some spaghetti some linguine from Puglia some linguine a little bit thinner than your average now you can do this one of two ways you can throw some pasta into the sauce and then plate it or you can throw some pasta onto a plate and then cover it with sauce I’m gonna take a serving of pasta and throw it into the sauce take a nice healthy serving of pasta throw it into the sauce turn it in the sauce let it cook for about a minute in the sauce and then I’m gonna plate up and we’ll see what it looks like oh my so we’re gonna turn out looking like there it is it looks delicious okay I got the linguini I got the sauce there’s some of the chorizo and the green onions and the peppers and saffron and right on top some finely chopped queso fresco Spanish cotija cheese okay it’s a semi-hard cheese secular hard cheese okay Spanish cooked Teja very good very delicious another reason why I didn’t add any salt to this dish it’s right here so I hope you liked this recipe I hope you try it like I said it’s very easy to make but a lot of complexity and the flavors and there it is my take on Spanish inspired pasta I hope you like it I’ll see on the next video take care hey guys Richard Blaine here thanks for stopping by my user Cooking Channel tonight I really appreciate you watching this recipe Spanish inspired pasta it’s different from Italian pasta almost Lego set the similarities are very close in the ingredients used but this just has some additional flavors to share you the sauce is delicious okay and the anchovies and saffron the sauce just wonderful aromas but I’m glad you stopped by take a look I hope you make this recipe I know you enjoy it I want to thank you for stopping by once again and I hope to see in the next video take care you you