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japanese street food – gindaco takoyaki 銀だこ たこ焼き

febrero 11, 2019

Takoyaki is a very popular Japanese street food,hot snack, shaped like a golf ball that has crispy coating around the outside and soft filling inside, made of wheat flour, diced octopus,銀だこ and ginger. Because of the octopus filling, foreigners like to refer takoyaki as octopus balls.Gindaco is a casual fast food chain specializing in takoyaki.蛸焼 It has numerous branches in every area of Japan,銀だこ the red sign that says ‘Gindaco’ is easy to find where ever it is.タコヤキ
Takoyaki たこ焼き or 蛸焼 is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus (tako), tempura scraps (tenkasu),たこ焼き pickled ginger, and green onion. Takoyaki are brushed with takoyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce) and mayonnaise,銀だこ and then sprinkled with green laver (aonori)たこ焼き and shavings of dried bonito. 銀だこThere are many variations to the takoyaki recipe, for example, ponzu (soy sauce with dashi and citrus vinegar), goma-dare (sesame-and-vinegar sauce) or vinegared dashi.たこ焼き
Yaki is derived from «yaku» (焼く) which is one of the cooking methods in Japanese cuisine, meaning «to fry or grill», 銀だこand can be found in the names of other Japanese cuisine items such as okonomiyaki and ikayaki other famous Osakan dishes.たこ焼き