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Cook like a French Chef in 7 Minutes

mayo 14, 2018

What’s going on fellow monsters hope you guys are well listen if you’ve seen brothers green before I’m sure you’re aware that we like to kind of poke fun and throw a little bit of shade the French or their high-end cooking techniques and their crazy words but the truth is a lot of those good culinary traditions culinary arts come from the French finally yes very true so we invited a good friend Alex over his amazing channel called French guy cooking and it’s all about being creative and getting wild with food so he’s going to show us like how to be French chef exactly I’m going to show you a simple French dish of French inspired dish that pretty much sums up the techniques and the flavors so we’ll be professional French chefs with this one – five minutes five minutes let’s do it school culinary school first of Lemmy’s implies meson nami’s implies it means just prepare everything you need okay you wash the things you need to wash you get empty out you’re ready to cook so what do we do the prep is vegetables the stuff I would just start with a shot time it’d be easier then I would go to the shallots you just dice them you don’t have to dice them too thin roughest is cool then I would go to the mushrooms I will slice them and also I would keep some some you know bigger bits so two textures yeah exactly just what to texture you know the bikes and and at the end I would take the zucchini and i julienne the julienne Julie I would say Julia knows thanks Julie and tells about the Julian Julian is the French girl is nah it’s just you you take the zucchini you make it stable first by cutting your small slice on the bottom and then you make big wide slices out of it and then you stack those slices up and you make thin strips okay – Dexter matchsticks exactly that’s the julienne so we’ve got our protein what do we do with the protein what is it booty that’s a meat oh yeah you always could meat protein that’s funny it’s true it’s because it’s prompt it’s like a trendy thing you call it protein okay so basically with the chicken you just get it out of the fridge like maybe half an hour before just to let it come to room temperature and then you better dry otherwise it won’t be colored and caramelized afterwards crispy exactly I agree I’d say you have any seasoned it with salt and pepper on both sides so you take you take a pee you know heavy bottom pan and you just place it on high heat got a bit of butter you had a bit of olive oil and then you just a light butter and olive oil I don’t know it’s just to mix the flavors it’s supposed to burn less but mostly it’s to mix the flavors so once the pan is hot you just place the chicken skin side down of course because you want it to be real crispy and you cook it at first I would say on high and then you just lower the heat so like a low even come in again super fried eggs and also because we’re using dark need so it just needs a bit more time than for the pad chicken feeder the isleep you don’t know as soon as the skin gets crispy and then I taste it so you can taste the meat like the French way to read it post-op osh French spoiler yeah exactly oh you can do it like in a more casual way my opinion more flavorful way like using a branch of time and just paste it you know so you’re getting double flavor because you’re basting with the oil and butter and then you’re also a triple blade or triple triple flava that’s triple a chicken skin as pleasure whatever alright doesn’t count nobody played French love flavor happy so you want to put the chicken into this sucker so we’re you know could be hot ah so beautiful eggs a keeper you theater up and then you set it aside so then you need to use all the veg on the museum class with you just before that you put all the shallot first you lose you know residual heat and caramelized bits from the chicken exactly and I saw you were really slow cooking those for a long time yeah absolutely because you want you want this to melt down then I’m like a paste and it gets super sweet super sweet and Carmela’s in that as soon as get some color then you can rub in the other one like the mushrooms and the zucchini everybody goes and it’s a party it’s a nice diet and then you just you know slowly stir it around just to mix up the flavors into the fat chicken so at this point you want to taste it and collect the seasoning with salt and pepper and normally like plasticy you would have the clove of garlic in it what happened okay then we forget Susumu got a very typical French manner we forgot very ill tasted delicious so that’s all right we’re moving on now you remove the vegetables out of the pan and you know it’s it’s an optional step this one but I think it makes all the difference so if you want to keep it the dish is ruined nobody says that you just take a tiny amount of booze like cognac for example Oh Brenda yo urban Robin work differently and you just threw it in a pan normally you turn up the heat and fall and yeah stay the hell back to because it’s almost blue or basil that reduces all of those flavors reduced and you really don’t taste too much of that it’s just like a subtle flavor so yeah basically only haggerty’s if it’s a polenta so you don’t get yak or you don’t get the heat you just get some of those you know dark and bold flavors so you went in with not only one thing of boost you’re going double-time you know the very very fresh way so afterwards you have to add some dye wine to the power just you know cause dye wine is a bit more runny it’s dry acidic five so it’s gotta cut through the fat like the butter and chicken and the skin cleaned it needs some drivers this is like the deglazing step deglazing it’s a deglazing is so posh man it was just one what exactly what is the glazing other than a fancy term that impresses people yeah it does impress me so it’s only about releasing all those sticky caramelized goodness from the bottom of the bone and just include them into the sauce alright so now we’re gonna make the sauce which in French cooking very important the most important man exactly we use this base of alcohol and then we pull in some cream I don’t know exactly double cream heavy cream I’m just lost throughout the screen we step on heavy cream works yeah heavy cream and then then you slowly stir it you you lower the heat of this because you don’t want to pound the cream and you don’t want to reduce it too much just infuse it with flavors and when it’s done you set it aside we’ve got our three components we’ve got our veggies we’ve got our sauce and of course we’ve got our meat it’s time to bring them together exactly so you could choose the white plate for that but that way you would not be able to see the souls in this dish that’s make sure so we’re gonna go with the black plate that’s pretty traditional either white or black exactly yeah didn’t you use super stuff so basically you want to build up the dish you want to put the vegetables first as a base and then you cook the chicken at an angle and you place them you know like cause of some fancy stuff and then drizzle on that sauce oh yes please I think no matter what culture you’re cooking in everyone loves a little drizzle just zipping in for us alright then your regular with tarragon oh yeah exactly you smoked some extra fancy stuff like the sprinkling of tygon vibes and now one thing I’ve noticed at this point it’s very important to have like way too many forks spoons who is that I don’t know you have to have those three nights or for now and like maybe five or six spoons on the side a French step and in three glasses are at least four water Monsieur what sort of a bubble that they put on the play a booty I think the champignon a the quotient lose it a big mess huh what is that gasps yes what is this no it C is good I’m ready for this chicken Wow we’ll have a Jeep how do you say how you say it’s delicious delicious delicious Alex thank you so much for coming hanging out please check out French guy cooking YouTube channel amazing channel you’re gonna be vlogging this whole experience yeah I’m gonna be vlogging and we shot some behind-the-scenes together and it’s gonna be my blog so hopefully those come out at the same time if not just subscribe to his channel it’s great content it’s not even just cooking he’s building kitchen gadgets it’s crazy stuff we’ve been big fans of this guy forever yeah the beginning of time and congratulations now you guys are all French chefs screw culinary by my city you