CHINESSE FOOD IS ALIVE !!! (Garry’s Mod Multiplayer)

Hello Brody’s it’s me I like some welcome back to their awesome videos today we’re playing garry’s mod multiplayer prop hunt on some random server which is I don’t know what the exact name okay prep car hunt reborn games so basically now we’re in a search for prop is props so the day they are gonna be sorry I know that so basically they’re hearing oh my god hey there hip hidden right here I’m a pretty much sure where the hell are they but their forces somewhere somewhere right here get out of my way I need to stay quiet and I need to do to find some properties because if I don’t come on come on over here come on oh no oh going where the hell is that bit provi ah damn it damn that prob just disappeared or I ran away from us so that’s so bad bad bad bad bad bad bad okay where are your properties no he’s not here where are you props maybe you’re a problem now that’s definitely not a prop a prop doll whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Robbie’s come on get out come on come out come out come out I am NOT gonna do anything to you just kidding just kidding oh my goodness where the hell are they now ah ma’am okay okay that’s that’s that’s nothing we’re just gonna lose from them there are really good hiders go I’m not pretty much sure who is blanket but I’m not blend for sure like oh I have a little to do too little number of health right here so that’s a bad thing I have like a 15-percent and if I don’t kill them you know time I’m gonna die oh gosh why are you prop ease god damn ah nothing whoo there is one frog there’s one problem no no it’s not a prob okay I’m now losing my health so I’m not gonna do anything from now I’m just gonna stay and watch them because we’re gonna get better in next round I think and I hope so so basically can I go down there oh yeah I can oh yeah oh gosh where are you prop is already right here somewhere hiding ah oh I have a feeling that someone is like get Emil saw or something what the hell r it is where the hell artist Robbie’s and and now no props what this is unbelievable I’ve never been in situation like this so but basically I hi I wasn’t even a lysis oh okay someone just did a suicided thats a bad thing really bad thing I can bet oh oh did I heard something did I heard something now we didn’t where are you preppies come on get out get out get out come on come out come out come out we need to kill ya need to kill you when you do okay I open the door so that’s all I think like a lag or something but ok ok well that’s happening to all them oh no props where are you from bees come on come on oh my god I cannot find even a prom go on get out get out get up get up yeah okay by you mr. Inslee so that’s basically a really awesome way to die I never died like that food well props once oh yeah oh yeah that’s a bottle though that’s not that bottle which which made us oh all irreverent no prob god damn man i’m noah prob damn no I’m gonna get out I’m gonna get off ruff fast fast fast fast then we could go fast dope me go fast me it could be fast oh yeah there is one bottle there’s one bottle gone come on i wanna i wanna feel freaky okay um i’m chinese food so whatever I’m now a Chinese Chinese food oh my god get getting through going through going through so I hope no one’s gonna see me right now hopefully no one is going to see me and I got like one personal health and I can dying really fast and really easy there no no don’t kill me though don’t kill me don’t you kill me don’t you kill me don’t you kill me don’t you kill me go away no way don’t kill me don’t kill me go away go away go away no no no no no oh my gosh hey kill me for Christ’s sake oh yeah we’re gonna get back in a few seconds when this finishes up oh okay guys we’re now again here and we’re again are freaking hunters we’re gonna hunt the props basically and I have a feeling that some prop is right over here so let’s just see this let’s just see this ok I’ll prop ease where are your prop is properties drop oh there is a prop well you’re running away you’re running away from this ah damn from just gone me iskam da my god I need to find another prompt now no that’s not a prop that’s not a product Rob where are you from oh there you are worry is that bra p come on I can see shit right here sorry for bad language but it’s totally getting on my nerves ready you cannot see them there is so fast man okay are you over here some of you ah definitely not so where are you the rest of you wrestle Plante’s ok no no not plenty frothy prop is oh my god I gotta confuse them I got confused oh where are you prop ease fun props are you props or profit drops boom boom don’t make me nervous right now and i’m so nervous i can not fun ah going for my frog go away from going from a prop come on god I’m stuck now and they killed it they kill my bro they killed my prop I found it Oh God god damn it you retards gosh you cannot even find your own frog because they’re gonna kill you before you that’s so stupid what is this is this is just getting onto my nerves now go to come to the dad come to the dirty and killed it and here kill it no I’m so sad now I’m really nervous in a really disappointing how to say ah where are props Robbie’s clown oh I don’t see a props anymore well maybe some profit but here maybe not maybe yeah yeah this is gone getting to confuse buddies really confuse code is big time because they’re get all over this place and I cannot making them found it find it whatever ok so I’m died mysterious like I did with the previous line yeah no that’s just not a way to do it okay that’s not a proper that’s not a proper 20 I hope I’m not gonna die mysteriously like the I did last time oh my god ready so this is really complicated i mean like you need to find it and then don’t move you cannot even know that they’re a frost so what now oh oh I would prob now oh ho ho we’re now a prop is we are gonna be a prob now and I will I will survive i know it I know it I freaking knew it I freaking know it if we can do know it uh I cannot oh I can be a bottle I give you a fricking bottle oh my god so oh can I go oh I can’t go under this and no one’s gonna see me yeah no-one’s gonna see us that what’s gonna see us the one’s gonna know is gonna know what’s gonna see us ah we got like Oh me peace is the best clip okay that they saw okay guys so this would be for today’s episode of Garry’s Mod multiplayer prop cons because they’re kill us they found us at and I’m guys really do support with disappointed with that spot that one little spot under the stairs but who cares anymore this is it for this episode thanks again for watching me thanks for all your support and everything that you’re giving me any day from I don’t know I’m really confused and I’m really happy with you and I’m glad that you’re following my work that your didn’t you are loving my videos and stuff if you’re commenting them watching them and everything so okay this was alex from a gameplay and see you next time right is by my Oh