CHINESE FOOD MUKBANG (sesame chicken, wonton soup, rice & more)

Hey guys welcome back to our Channel I’m Luke I’m Cooper and one of the coil twins I am so excited for this video I’ve been my nice food Mumma we always start out of moms like this is the most exciting you’ve ever been for a video but seriously I haven’t eaten so long I’m just ready to gorge darling it’s our baby before we even get into that we just filmed another video before there but can we appreciate we’re taking some pictures from Memorial debt can we appreciate the red white and blue fantasy right now yeah I think we’re going to giving you that British boarding school boy that nice is right preppy I don’t know that’s like a British accent there’s something to this and we are diving in so we got sesame chicken to the right rice white rice and I got something different but this would be there’s such swings we will eat the same thing and then also be just know what we like you know that’s your soup it’s a good little combo and the little chips chips whatever you want to call them but before I do this I always have to mix up the rice with no yeah I always mix it up cause like you want like an even amount of like yeah it was like boiling hot like this might go to like I just I love sesame chicken you know I love how do you think we’re like expert like Moo pounders now I know absolutely really not to move bombs were like you know just cause for chupitos also like do did they do the whole thing like subscribe to this shop lesson social media I’ve been a keeper just like I’m only subscribing for the food like I don’t even like you I just want to see the food it’s like bitch show me the food okay I mean know so we’ve in through trial and error through because obviously there’s a Panda Express by us and like we’ll eat that but I’m just looking down sorry mmm first bite is always the best one oh my god like this song first cut is the deepest mmm mmm and this missile has the other pen expressed by us in C but no way to get sesame chicken mutant a Diandra panics and honestly I’m craving sesame chicken because they have and also this place is so cheap the local Chinese food places in the city are dirt cheap mm I like the combo with it so sweet you can white rice wonton soup can you guys see me like China I think it was six seven dollars yeah it’s come on move honor no but we’re gonna be home in a week and last week the finals and then we’re done and when I heard me going home you always have our favorite Chinese food place that we go I’m like nothing compares to that but you guys I think we got the same order there but this is a close second but um no we’ve tried so many Chinese new place around here which is definitely our favorite Ming’s restaurant driver in the city but they’re also somewhere but it’s amazing they’re all run by different like families but they all I taste is named for the most part but basically but going over the summer thank God like you did Albany about RFID experience but we’re finally done with school we’re finally on be free and we always think about what we’re doing this time there’s anyone else to do that like we’re so guilty of being like this plan last year I was doing this really this time two years ago I was doing this I was like I don’t know you it’s like itself reflecting but seriously this time last year we were trying to find a job for the summer viewer the past three years we were actually cashiers at a grocery store but it’s always a different grocery store because either like diversity are close or they didn’t want us back I was always a drama but seriously like I’m so I’m so happy we’re not gonna guys so happy powering back we have so many crazy super teas I’m working there but I just always went down with the dancers door regardless of that just took up so much time like last year we moms are getting to do YouTube but we really couldn’t because these people were no joke they were putting us on the block um giving us so much like we just want to be part time and then literally six days to be eight hour shifts we had no time to like do YouTube I mean we still managed did you like but like bear would compare Li and I remember I told me about like hey oh it’d be kinda neat that’s ours like Virginia and we’ll say pushing 45 50 hours would be quick what the heck I was like wait sweetie no no rollback this was supposed to be a part-time job like what and she’s like actually we don’t have enough people so if you’re gonna do those hours so I’m like sweetie I quit and then you’ll have even less people so come back for hours and they never did that’s why this summer I’m really excited we’re not going to be doing any of that like we’re really just gonna be focusing on YouTube and social media I’m just gonna full throttle with that and I couldn’t be more excited because I just felt like breaking they’re like we could have put our energy like yeah sure we are getting some money but I’d rather invest our time into something Allison Matt 15-hour is not enough for like granted yeah you’re just on the register just you know bagging people’s groceries so that maybe I thought you were their personal assistant like the day they were just taking manage to be like the customer it’s like it’s crazy like I’m like I’m not getting paid enough for this seriously have you guys seen Shane Dawson’s kind of serious with great doors I live pretty far so much I do oh maybe down below it’s a seriously funny I mean I’m sure you guys have seen it by now but it was Lina king of you – I love him and I love how he’s just pushing the boundaries on this platform like I’m so excited to see the third parts coming out like haha yeah it’ll be out by the time you see this but but it was so interesting the whole thing with how can you talk about money for a minute because she was like one of the first people we got into YouTube with a link like I was obsessed with her I thought she was so cool and quirky and does this thing really work I’m like no but she was crazier so much better I remember watching videos of her hair drama and I don’t know and like off lookbooks but it’s so true she has changed so much and I kind of stopped watching her recently and it’s because she hasn’t a bob like it was so sad and like she opened up so much like morning it was so sweet he was so amazing laughs my gosh she was just honest and real and I thought that was interesting when she was like oh I have my own camera personality and like just me and it’s so interesting this in her video she’s like cuckoo cuckoo for cocoa puffs like but in this video she was just real and I loved it she I did mine eyes but it made me realize she was like playing a character that’s wise a nice house she’s not gonna be doing that anymore you know yeah I don’t know it’s like different inter troubling video if you’re pulling up the character but if sometimes it just did you just be yourself like this there’s nothing better than the bomb just be yours yeah but what was interesting is that bull what really struck me is how much she was hiding like how rich that bitch is like seriously she has like these Tesla’s these portions convertible that you would never know how family she only films in one little room oh my god I like a bit your aesthetic but she was really putting on a whole front like she literally had a block are dedicated to film it when she was Bobby Alban if she didn’t want to seem like an asshole and I loved what she was selling here like know like people are gonna get that you worked you from the ground up like there’s a but should be proud of what you have you know that you really worked for it there’s the difference between you know she didn’t want to come off as like privileged look along money which I get but it’s like she works for it and that’s inspired like I love watching our like I would never be one to brag it’s stuff like that so I can relate to that but it’s like a deep work for that that’s inspiring do it Wow I work it like she should be sending the message like wow I work as hard as money I could get those things do you know she literally had the arcade I’m like you would never know who she films in that one room so I’m just excited for a few but I feel sure that calling you like interest now like thanks to shame yeah and if you sort of like a youtube or brought like coming in here huh how do you guys feel about people that just don’t talk bombs like so my Trisha would do it showing us like sit there just be like I mean in dead silence I like new boxes people do talk as a very conversational yeah like the story times stuff yeah but some people do you have to do an ASMR video like get the mic yeah I don’t really understand the whole a smart guy gets funny but some people really like get off to it like it like calms them I mean I could see I don’t know the actual day to choose like when people they have a TV on while they go to bed but for me I like silence but also you never have a CV girl you know I literally have my border with my Disney cup and don’t have a bit everybody should know but growing up our parents like no you’re not big TV in your room because we’ll never see you so we were always down singers but I literally don’t watch TV though this world I do lock to lock them out can you stop covering your mouth well just write it off no longer hokhmah know but it’s weird it’s like it’s a new pond who cares okay guys so I’m gonna start eating the wonton soup I’m so excited for this they never disappoint ever since I was younger this was always a staple to me okay I think some people are either like chow mein people and then I don’t know the Chinese dude knows when I can’t see I love fried rice I tried to fry rice Oh in this place and it was a bit stupid really yeah okay okay there we go there we go and we don’t really like to drink this soup I don’t know for me and I can’t whatever is that beer I don’t even cut it up I just eat it as like ya know and I think that’s normal yeah my love fried rice also love sweet and sour chicken for the place at home that’s why I’m just so excited to get through this whole week in the next weekend and depending on this video guys I don’t know yeah but we’re absolutely going up first upstate to Oneonta to the big bite I’m done we’re going up to visit our sister for her graduation her from four years of college I don’t even know if you guys know that we have sister no I mean in our early blogs you’ll see her we’re gonna do some videos our older brother no older sister coming up you guys are not ready for the coil twins this summer be a such amazing video ideas planned like we’re gonna set up our a whole basically kind of like studio in our room to film and we’re actually I’m doing a video where we give her like our sister Izzy makeover machine so college girl like she’s already texting us she’s like oh one night before the graduation like you guys are gonna go out with us in town with this sorority girls and I’m like this is too much it’s just going to give us too much material but like this sorority you’re all like we’re gonna be a bunch rolling Robert our college experience was the complete opposite it was like you just came as you went like there wasn’t really uh from wrong College like thing going but like they’re there it’s like last or –‘tis like that so it’s a graduation weekend for the senior so it’s gonna be very interesting and we met a few but the thing is I’m just excited to get out of the city because I feel like I’m gonna be a little bubble around concrete an upstate it’s just so pretty it’s worthless there this is a mess but it’s just gonna be really fun and there’s all these little places they want to take us out to eat I’m gonna beat up the whole fam all six of us and it would just be a good squid shopping I think we’re gonna do a video with our our older brother like transforming him into officer like giving him like wearing our clothes like like that cuz he’s nothing he stops instead of us very different we’re very good style wise so it would be like so fun if you wanted to skip them a makeover I got it for a good transformation makeover I look for those like TLC shows like what not to wear like I think that’s why I have it for it no but I was saying no but where I was on your side yeah I was talking to my grandma on the phone oh they’re not I’m like why would I say no but when you wipe off the stuff cause you’re a picky eater I’m not being used to be really really picky it got the time better here are those kids that only had like pasta and like chicken nuggets mm-hmm when we were really young I know I eat everything no no no no it’s not seafood seafood I’m a cougar you can team up I’m persona picky but not as bad as it was I’m not like there’s people I meet and they’re like really picky like I expanded my horizons for sure yeah but um seriously like I’m her mom she would she would tell us it was like chicken fingers or something but it was really like fish fish my dick all parents say it’s mozzarella sticks because we make fish sticks and people are so and I dig wait something’s off but we would eat it and I bake bread nah this is not but then later I’ll be out tomorrow and you guys you can see this like yes we live but do you know speaking of her sister’s graduation she’s having a little crab party at our house and a few weeks from now and worse it’s so excited it’s gonna be our backyard slowly for the back that we’re in charge of the holux court mm-hmm look this one was like Gordon made from the playlist I already made this amazing playlist of 80 plus songs five hours and I don’t how to do a party thing this goes like I do all the different decades are like the older people are all about the music the new like the younger people will know and then like early shoot-down throwback since the day we need the music to for everyone because I meet when you go to a grand party for example I’m just like you’re not feeling the music or any party in general you’re like you know so like we we make sure everyone’s happy but like worth drama again like our good pops too you know oh like they made I like what me how hard grab party from high school two years ago what am I asking about three adventurous this was the best music I’ve heard at a party I’m like oh thanks here we give me like middle school Bop throwbacks and people are like our sisters friends are like oh my god yes and I was like yeah cuz I love a good song they can see long – I think we’re gonna party you’re on a dance that she’s like instrumental songs or songs not known recipes that’s like sweetie I need a lipstick just something I need a hot blonde and scream on top my mom I don’t know how people microwave vs. up the memory card I’ve this always happens oh we need to get like I can’t meet so we just I get more equipment and stuff like I feel that because this whole video I’m either gonna be looking down or like trying to talk but just like eating with my mouth full so but you know I didn’t wanna I got me signed up for but we were just saying how basically we’re really excited just to be home for the summer and because we live on Long Island but I don’t know it’s just like how I got normal suburban here but there’s something about just like gum home hitting up all the old sloppy browser if you’re in college or like if you’ve been on vacation or something or if you’ve been away from home you can relate your like like having to be at this place in this place because there’s just something about being where you grew up you know and as much as I love this like I would never be able to live on more Islands know from my whole life because that’s just there’s nothing there no but Brittany people but every once in a while like it’s not shy most when we have are people I want to be able to go on a bike ride through the trails or just like wake up and go into my backyard and have like the Sun and just like you know and also just like being able well I was gonna stay in the beach but we are not be two people I love it it’s pretty but you’re kind of like I got some but I like that to God the allergic to stop that they don’t like the Sun that’s us like I would walk around with an umbrella like I’m all about sunscreen like because I’d rather just you take this spray tan or let the feet in just because I’m just too lazy I cuz we used to be you know lobby you guys are now be sued in high school at UCR all the pictures we will go so hard with the tanning because our skin was I wouldn’t cover my skin to a cruise I just remember spending hours wasting hours outside trying to get color something innominate does it hurt so bad the sunburn but it doesn’t look good either as I said lots of point mm-hmm like it okay I might be into a ten but it’s like but we get so OCD about it being even and it’s so hard like maintain that it’s not even worth it cuz then it goes away yeah but I don’t know yeah like we used to be Beach people but how do you this rated but I’m a nature person like I just loved like what I’m going to walk out on that porch and see the Sun Rise and just like just sit outside of my backyard well argue Snow White I’m little be snow white like I just think want the birds to be chirping mm-hmm but you know but like you talk about season one depression but honestly I think that’s real like also I wasn’t depressed but I walk outside think the leaves are blooming the vows agreement that’s so beautiful that I’m like yes and I’m inspired it’s true like that’s why I was just loved to live in hell around we’re just somewhere won’t like I don’t know I can’t picture myself be like if I was I had to be cool can to the gold you know well what’s really funny is that in a couple of weeks our it’s our grandpa’s 90th birthday party and we’re talking about that that’s literally because we’re nineteen Oh the Quadra soiree that’s quadruple our age plus ten I’m like that’s so it seemed that lived to be ninety years old like if you think about how to pee that is like pretty good it’s like wow I mean he’s been through so much he’s still kicking then you I got I got many now I’m not seven years from now like when we’re around ideally rock my bedroom how different the world is gonna be you know yeah like he’s seen it all my bonus you are like in the 1930s when 1928 errs oh yeah yeah literally everything and as humans I feel like you can’t it’s like hard wrap your head around Michael Ford you’re going I’m so excited Slyke you mean I do with our two pence from home I just miss it so much so like and we’re always texting our chat every day I’m like itching towards it it’s very because I think in high school we have a lot more they go clean citizen stuff in college we really only got that one or two friends you know I mean God my radiances yeah college but now really when I go home there’s only like we have our two friends at and which I’m like so fine with you know yeah I feel like like when you’re a little bit younger beep on it all these friends we’ve honor all this but then I don’t make it now it’s just not you it’s hard that you can’t keep up with them and you clear by the way you know marketers keep friendship especially opens up a little chest and I feel like now I’d rather have a smaller group of friends I really really love and then you come for thee for your time into that friendship I’m like I feel bad because we don’t even always got to see them down for the college and stuff but yeah yeah the thing is like when I’m friends with someone they’re never not with me like I’m always thinking about them that’s so corny like they’re always with me you know like I’m you’re just a home Hallmark card that’s me these chicks are bomb what’s the corrector for them I know Chinese chips I just Obie’s created China soon huh so your loved one up there you gots in there just a wide variety things I can just take from everything okay today it’s been a really long day I feel like our energy has kind of been low we’re just just eating having like ready to eat sorry I don’t want to think anything for the camera you know house maybe eating these chips but I think we’re just gonna wrap it up now so all right y’all it has been real you guys for watching we love chatting with you guys in the comments so definitely yeah leave some comments on or respond we love having combos with you guys so that’s a wrap guys