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Bobo’s Italian Restaurant

septiembre 30, 2018

Bobo’s Italian Restaurant NOTE: I recommend watching with subtitles!
Say Hello to my little sister, Madi bobo! You can follow her on instagram here!
@TheMadiMadiMadi or @BosVooDooDolls
This video was made possible by Video Wholesale services in Utah! (THANK YOU MARK!!) you can check them out in the link down below!
They helped convert all my old MP4 videos to DVDs and digital files! I had 20-40 tapes of old footage that I haven’t seen in over 15 years! I was brought to tears being able to finally see these films again!

This is a Move My sister and I made in 2003 with our Neighbors, family, and friends. It is a national treasure.
Special thanks to; Madi Bobo, Lauren Denzel, Amanda Rogers, My mom, and our Grampy and Bama who helped us buy the camcorder when we were kids!