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Hi Poopsies! I am eating more Japanese foods (I chose to buy these because I assumed my original Japanese snacks wouldn’t arrive in the mail since it took one month and a half to get delivered to me, so I went ahead and went out shopping to the nearest Asian market and got me a bunch of these goodies I wanted to show you on camera and eat today. The foods and snacks are: Yan Yan Chocolate Creme shortbread cracker sticks with dip, Ramune melon drink, Red Peanuts, Peanut Brittle, Shrimp Chips Snacks, Shin Noodle Soup hot and spicy ramen, and Spring Egg Rolls from Shanghai Kitchen Spring Rolls with Shiitake Mushrooms.

This mukbang was so delicious and I felt sooo full afterward I wanted to erupt! I drank Ramune on my Versace mug which is not actually designer but some guy convinced me to buy when I was in Atlantic City years ago and I assumed they were real and authentic. My favorite is the Ramune drink because it reminds me of some of my childhood and I grew up on a Korean street and went to a Korean Kindergarten so I was always around that culture and got acclimatized to their food and habits, along with a few words I should not say on here in their language LOL. I know this is Japanese but I also had a Japanese friend in middle and high school who introduced me to a lot of these goodies too so I liked eating or drinking them while doing homework school work. So nostalgic. Enjoy and subscribe!

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