10 WORST Things to Order From A Chinese Restaurant: UNHEALTHIEST Chinese Foods

Hey guys thanks for watching the Qin Dynasty it’s my gym you know there’s a stereotype that Asians are pretty healthy individuals probably because a lot of us are really thin but I do think this statement is largely true as countries in Asia especially those in East and Southeast Asia continue to rank as places with the lowest obesity rates in the world and just speaking for Chinese people honestly we do take a lot of walks but now many of us really go to the gym so I guess it’s really about the food I mean Asians do tend to eat a lot of soy babies and not so much when it comes to dairy products and we seem to have a superpower when it comes to not being affected by rice because we need that stuff pretty much everything all that but if you’re one of those people who think that everything you’re gonna find in a Chinese restaurant is gonna be good for you then I’m here to tell ya that is just not true and although there are healthy options in every restaurant I mean even McDonald’s most of what people order from Chinese restaurants and I’m just talking about Chinese restaurants in the US are probably some of the unhealthiest foods you can ever eat also I do want to say that a lot of the foods soda and Chinese restaurants in the u.s. wore Americanized Chinese restaurants I wouldn’t even really call it Chinese food or at least traditional Chinese food so with that said let’s just talk about it let’s talk about some of the worst foods you can ever order in a Chinese restaurant number one General Tso’s chicken and this is probably the most popular non Chinese Chinese dish ever and I do have to admit it is a guilty pleasure of mine I mean heap fried crispy piping hot chicken with sweet spicy sauce I mean what’s not to love but that’s also what’s so unhealthy about this dish it’s deep fried chicken smothered with super sweet sauce also there’s usually no veggies in that dish and it typically comes with rice so it’s so it’s basically kind of like eating Kentucky Fried Chicken with barbecue sauce served with a huge order of rice I think if I had to compare that would be my Western equivalent in an average order of General Tso’s chicken we’ll have around 1,500 calories and a whopping 60 grams of sugar also some of you may not know this but typically Chinese restaurants will fried this dish on what is called dark oil which is oil that is very seldomly change in the restaurants I remember having to sneak this stuff like a contraband from my parents buffet and if I was ever caught by my parents let’s just say the 60 grams of sugar won’t be the only thing hitting my butt number two roaming any lo mein hey you know what I love these things as much as anyone but next time you order these delicious but oh so bad for you noodles just take a closer look at them I mean they shine like Beyonce at a concert except what’s giving these things as glow is just a ton of oil and although they may look really pretty they are packed with more sodium than you need in a single day and are mostly just refined carbs that do nothing but spike your blood sugar level a typical order of these things will cost you around 1400 calories number three it grows you know some people take a look at these massive edible paper weights and tell themselves that you know what it’s okay they’re filled with veggies it can’t be all that bad well they are and honestly in my opinion that just tastes so awful I mean it’s almost all fried dough with just a little bit of shredded cabbage inside it maybe a little bit of minced pork also just one egg roll will set you back around at 200 calories and yeah that’s without that sweet and sour dipping sauce number for fried rice I love rice you know I just absolutely love rice because one is delicious and secondly I love eating thousands of something and fried rice is another guilty pleasure of mine especially when you cook it with some eggs and roast pork drizzle with some hot oil it’s just a perfect breakfast for me unfortunately flavor comes with a price and here the price is calories about 1,500 worth per serving and because fried rice is usually just stir-fried white rice which don’t really have much nutritional value and usually won’t come with any veggies number five crab rangoon okay I have no idea what when this became a Chinese dish because traditional Chinese foods don’t usually contain cheese but this has become a super popular item at Chinese restaurants and yes it is as bad for you as it seems although I do love this thing it is another item I try to sneak from our buffet I know this dish is bad for me because is basically just fried dough stuffed with cream cheese and crap it’s not even real crab it’s just imitation crap in just one order of these ninja star looking things may not set you back much in your wallet but will set you back around a 400 calories and at 28 grams of fat next up something I really love in my body hates Chinese spareribs these are sort of like your traditional barbecue ribs except that there are not fall-off-the-bone tender in fact they are downright tough sometimes but it’s so so good with smoky flavor and sweet sauce but just a tiny three ounce serving can net 300 calories and 26 grams of fats and I can never stop at just one number seven Pam fried dumplings I love dumplings I have a channel named after dumplings and if I ever get a dog his name is gonna be dumpling but what I don’t love is what dumplings do to my body and if you were ever on the frozen dumpling diet like I was you know what I mean this is especially true with dumplings you find out in Chinese buffets and takeout restaurants because they have the super thick doughy skin and they’ll usually come out to around a hundred calories per dumpling I actually really wish I didn’t find out about this because my typical order of dumplings is around 25 to 30 also I ate 36 and 10 minutes once not my proudest moment but yeah it really was next yo Cal this is a dish that is extremely popular in China it just makes me really wondering how we do actually manage the state thin because this is basically dull that is stretched out and fried and when the dough absorbs all that fatty oil is soaks it in and blows up and then we basically just eat that I mean it’s so good but each one has about 500 calories and usually that’s not the only thing we eat we usually dip that in something else like soy milk or tofu soup and everybody in China eats this like little kids like every single morning every single day that we are alive we just eat this how how do we I don’t know next up one of my favorite dishes in the world Mapo tofu if you don’t know Mapo tofu is a citron dish it’s basically diced up tofu soaked in fermented bean sauce covered in chili oil with mists pork just one of the best dishes you can ever have and unfortunately there’s really no healthy way to cook this dish I mean the tofu part is healthy but because it has so much meat so much fermented bean sauce which is really really salty this dish comes out to be around a 400 calories per cup and don’t forget you cannot eat this dish without rice and usually a lot of rice because it’s a saucy dish and even though I just said all this I’m just gonna block out in my mind I don’t care I’m gonna continue to eat it and finally something I’ve been eating ever since well ever since I can remember the Chinese steamed abundant this thing it may look so beautiful so smooth so full of fees so pillowy he’s won a layer ahead on it but this innocent beautiful bun is not so innocent traditionally made from just regular white flower it’s basically nothing but refined carbs and it’s something we eat oh so much in China I mean we eat it with stir-fried dishes we eat it was soo we did what kanji I used to just smother it with hot oil and eat it like a hot oil sandwich also at least in northern China the steamed buns they’re never small okay they’re usually besides in my head so yeah like I said I really don’t know how Chinese people manage to stay slim I mean it seems like every single day all we eat is is rice and noodles and buns and fried oh we even have a dish where we put the fried dough inside noodles and we eat that dipped in soy sauce I don’t know I just call it the Asian genes I have no idea how this works but yeah those are some of the unhealthiest Chinese dish you can ever eat from a Chinese restaurant so there you go guys if you’re trying to lose weight maybe avoid some of these dishes or it could just be like me and just not care but either way hopefully you enjoy this video thank you all so much for watching I’ll see you later